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I’ve fallen in love with Gilbert and George

I never thought it could happen, but I’m in love with a pair of living sculptures. Mostly because of the videos here, which offer an insight into their working practices.

I present some highlights:

George: We are not laying down the rule, we are exploring it together with the viewer.

Gilbert: We are not sending them to Heaven, we are not sending them to hell.

George: We’re sending them to the bar instead.

George: You see this panel we would have to resist the white piece and the flesh piece while we do the red and then we will protect the red with this liquid mask so that we can do the flesh colour.  It’s a sort of liquid gum which can then be removed. We always refer to it as a liquid condom.

On computers:

Gilbert: It’s very good, it’s much better, we can sit down, we don’t have to go up ladders anymore. It’s magic, we really believe it’s the magic box.

They also collaborated with my favourite purveyors of plastic niknaks, Tatty Devine, along the theme of my favourite beverage, gin. Talk about utterly bloody perfect. And so dinky!

Adorable naked batshit old duffers, I salute you!


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