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Reasons not to play Eversion

There actually are no reasons not to play Eversion, unless you have an aversion (ho ho) to the following:

  • Games that are Nintendo Hard (I have no problem with this. I was drafted in to play Eversion by my girlfriend because she wanted to see what happened and apparently I’m ‘better at jumping’ than her. I have some kind of brain flaw which lets me continue plugging away at a pissing difficult level for much longer than normal mortals. Some say this is a mark of my subnormality, I say the biggest factor is my die-hard love for L/R scrolling platformers on old-school, often unresponsive systems. I will say this: it’s a good job there are infinite lives, because I waxed 20 or 30 on some parts of this game without blinking.)
  • Being scared out of your skull (I pretty much have no problem with this. I mean, I have a problem with it, but no more than I have a problem with all the ridiculous torture porn movies I watch, or the horror novels I read, wide-eyed as a bushbaby, when I was on the cusp of getting into adult books and managed to get hold of three-inch thick Stephen Kings from the adult library. Being scared is good for you.)
  • I’m going to mention how scary it is again, because it’s effing scary, alright

So, go here, download, play. Do not be lulled by the cuddly screenshots. There’s a wealth of heart-pumping, quick-jumping, brain-goosing action behind the curtain. Oh, and try to get ALL of the gems. Enjoy!


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