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God rest ye, merry Spiderman

It seems a bit pre-emptive to reboot a franchise that only began in 2002, but apparently the next Spiderman film will feature neither Tobey Maguire in front of the camera nor Sam Raimi behind it, according to BBC news.

This is a blessing. The first one was a pretty good superhero movie. Though the genre hadn’t made its leap to why-so-serious, navel gazing Batman begins territory, Raimi added his own touches to the character to create something nice and energetic that fizzed along with its great power = great responsibility thing. Two was hollow. Three? Well:

I mean, exactly. Interestingly, Raimi is already noted as a producer for Spiderman 5 on his IMDb page, but it’s clear from the above clip that the man had to put. the. view. finder. down. for this one.

The next spidermovie will focus on Peter Parker’s high school days. I fear for its quality, but I rejoice that we need never see an emo Parker boogying down the New York streets like Marty McFly’s dad, ever again.


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