A Thriller on Twitter, by @simonpegg, @nickjfrost and @edgarwright

UPDATE: @misterpipes aka Raymond Tunstall has joined the game. OoOooh.

hhaAagghh HHAhaHHa HHHHahhhAAhh wHat dO wE thINk bOys aNd gIRLs haVe @siMonPeGg annd @nICkJfROst beEn goOd litTle bOyS oR baAAaAaAd?

Is this the first suspense horror to unfold on Twitter?

@simonpegg Okay, I’m going up to see what the hell’s going on. Back in five with a full report. Wish me luck.

Storytelling on Twitter has been done before. Give a team of writers a new platform and they’ll dribble at the prospect of the challenge: to create a story told realistically on it, whatever its particular limitation or format is.

@nickjfrost Ha. I’m standing outside his house and the front door’s open.

One attempt was Such Tweet Sorrow, a retelling of Romeo and Juliet over Twitter by the RSC. Never mind that it was aimed at young people and young people don’t use Twitter (they might one day, they simply don’t at the moment). It was an experiment, and well-received.

One of my main problems with Such Tweet Sorrow was the unrealistic deluge of information. Events weren’t given time to unfold, the ‘characters’ were busily establishing personalities and making constant posts to explain why they weren’t in the same building (characters who were allegedly living together were always popping down the shops to contrive situations where one could experience events without the other’s knowledge).

@simonpegg and @nickjfrost have gone missing. And I’m in LA? It’s going to take me ages to get back. They better not Scatman Crothers me.

The little drama playing out on twitter at the moment is working really well because it feels completely natural. Three established, real life personalities, known to be close friends, discover a MacGuffin which leads to an escalating series of events, the end point of which is not yet known. Their audience is already on twitter. Their credentials as well-loved comedians, actors and storytellers are solid. It works. It’s believable, funny and clever. It’s ace.

Follow @simonpegg, @nickjfrost and @edgarwright to read along, or catch up on the happenings on the digest here.


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