Legs! It’s got legs!

This is the first Matt Smith figure, which most cruelly shows the head of 11 with the body of 10, thus underlining a messy end to a fine Doctor.

Legs! I've still got legs!

I grumbled through The End of Time on first viewing, and probably won’t watch it again for yonks, if ever. RTD has made Who episodes into party balloons; fun for one use but too soon completely spent.

I make no judgement on Matt Smith yet – the trailer looks stirling, though more for the essence of Moffatt than the presence of Smith:

All the Doctor Who children’s magazines have been very gently giving the Whovian equivalent of the birds and bees talk to their readership for months, showing pictures of Doctors past and using sweet ‘circle of life’-type platitudes to introduce Smith as New Doctor. Of course, most of them don’t even remember Eccleston. Is a Doctor Who regeneration going to be the first trauma of these young lives?

Source: Forbidden Planet



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2 responses to “Legs! It’s got legs!

  1. Mapes

    I love the balloon animal analogy, it’s very true. I’ve never had the urge to buy Doctor Who boxsets.

    Was the Doctor Who magazine around for Eccleston? Are all children so fickle?

  2. Hm. The BBC one was, Doctor Who Adventures may not have been. That band of DW fans is pretty young; I’d say a decent proportion of those who watch it now were too young to watch Eccleston. And, thanks to that nifty party balloon thing (ta), their parents may not have bought boxed sets either. This is all conjecture, of course. Maybe they’ve all gone back to 1 and are raptly enjoying many many hours of polystyrene falling over in quarries. I hope so!

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